Sheilot uTshuvot

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Ask Torah Teacher Ariel

(Note: all quotations are taken from the Complete Jewish Bible, translation by David H. Stern, Jewish New Testament Publications, Inc., unless otherwise noted)


I was reading Genesis 17:1.2. and was surprised to find the G-d who spoke to Abraham was "G-d Almighty'. I thought this only referred to the Father, not the Son. However, in Isaiah, 51:2, the Son states that He spoke to Abraham. What are your thoughts on this?


Im not sure how you ascertain that the reference in Yeshayahu (Isaiah) is the spoken word of Yeshua. The text makes perfect sense by placing those words in the mouth of HaShem. In fact, in keeping with the context of Chapter 51, allow me to make a midrash (search) and remez (hint) of verse five. The text reads,

My righteousness is at hand,

my salvation goes out,

my arms will judge the peoples.

The coastlands are putting their hope in me,

trusting in my arm.

In Hebrew it reads,

Karov tzid-ki,

yatza yish-ee,

utzroah ah-mim yish-potu,

ey-lai iy-yim ykavu,

vel-tzroh-ee yyacheylun. (Translation and emphasis mine)

As can be seen, the Hebrew word for my salvation is yish-ee, stemming from the word yeshu-ah. Many people already know that this word means salvation. In fact it is where we get the Messiahs name from! Secondly, notice the Hebrew word used for my arm, tzroh-ee. The root word is zeroah meaning arm. When the immediate context was HaShem, this word was an idiom meaning the Messiah! If HaShem is the one doing the speaking throughout verse five (and by context, the whole chapter), then we have him saying that his yeshu-ah (Yeshua) goes out (to the peoples)! The coastlands trust in his zeroah (Messiah)! Isnt that fantastic? To strengthen the connection, later on in his book Yeshayahu goes on to ask (in Chapter 53), Who believes our report? To whom is the arm of ADONAI revealed? (Emphasis mine) We know already historically that it was indeed Yeshua that was revealed to the Jewish people and subsequently, to the rest of the world! Baruch HaShem! (Blessed be his name!)

Torah Teacher Ariel ben-Lyman HaNaviy