Rob Clary
A Testimony


    One day before dinner the police arrived and surrounded our home [the one we lost months later], and after a brief exchange, I surrendered myself . My business and marriage was failing, and the legal minions of the law were closing in. My drug and alcohol abuse had taken down what had been a very sturdy company with over 50 employees.

Everything I had was lost.

In jail a Christian evangelist prayed a prayer of repentance with me � a small beginning. After I bonded out, I tried in vain to rebuild my business; police were coming by daily with civil suits and further criminal citations.

My world crashed.

I spend a year at home thinking of suicide daily. By chance I caught Jimmy Swaggart on radio and wrote him of my woes. Jimmy wrote back and we visited. He shared some of his personal experiences and failures along with his life today away from his past sins. I felt hope. My wife and I visited his church, and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. To this day I can�t explain what occurred that morning.

Everything changed in our lives. Suddenly life became a challenge again, and I began devoting every spare moment to learning how to please my Creator.

I never really did become a part of the life of Swaggart ministries as he and I did not see things exactly the same, but we became friends and remain to this day. I am not a theologian. I prayed to my Father in heaven to reveal Himself and save me. Simple childlike faith in the Creator by virtue of who Yeshua is and what he did saves all who come in repentance.

I was drawn to Torah and Judaism while having this aversion to the mainstream religious Rabbinical version as much as I do for Roman Catholicism and denominal Christianity. But the unspoiled revelation of Judaism drew me, and I did not know why until I discovered my people were Jews from Europe at the turn on the century. They hid their faith and changed the spelling of their name from Wolfe to Wolf [Jewish to English].

Today I am running a thriving business cleaning carpets and practicing Messianic Judaism at home with my family and friends. I have a great relationship with my wife and kids. All of us are on the same page with our Messianic faith. I even host a show just after sabbath on radio. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of where I came to be so blessed.

My life today is joy unspeakable and full of glory to HaShem through HaMoshiakh Yeshua! halleluyah!

Rob Clary
Baton Rouge, LA
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