Sackcloth and Ashes

    For decades right wing Christian radicals have impacted our culture by swaying simple minds with secret brainwashing techniques. From the massive crusades of Billy Graham to the backwater Pentecostal church in Tennessee or the Jesus freak that accosts us on the street we are bombarded with subversive thoughts and ideas.

Why do people buy it?

Any intelligent person knows, without thinking about it, that they are wrong. How then do they convince so many? By using

Secret brainwashing techniques of the Christian right.

Yes, for years these techniques have been a closely guarded secret but recent scientific studies conducted at a secret location by an unknown major university have not only discovered them but been able to break them down into easy to learn steps! You too can learn the secrets of...

...hypnotic tongue rolling used by speakers at large crusades to lull unsuspecting persons into a submissive state...

...subliminal Bible verses which can plant thoughts in your subconscious mind just by being read to you...

...rhythmic mezmorization the simple and monotonous beat behind most choruses sung at revival meetings and at Christian camps which can dull your ability to cognitively separate religion and reality...

...backward masked hymns (Don't even ask)...

How much would you be willing to pay to learn all of this? $100? $200?

Don't answer that question until you read THIS...

You can also learn the secret blow dried look that can freeze a persons will like a deer in someone's headlights. Find out what words like "maranatha" or "amen" or "hallelujah" really mean. See how stained glass effects your precognitive state.

Now how much would you pay? $300? $400?

Interested? Read on!

Did you know that raised hands in worship release pheromones from the scent glands under the arms that can create an irresistible sexual attraction?

You didn't? Well there's much more you can learn! And you get all of this, not for $400. Not $300. Not $200. Not even $100 but for the amazingly low price of just


Don't be fooled any more! Protect yourself and your friends, or start your own religion for fun and profit.

Act today!

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