There is a story circulating in the Christian press and has been for about a decade, said by some to be an urban legend. It's about a geological group who drilled a hole in Siberia, deep enough to reach hell and make sound recordings of people screaming. Here, we present links to a website that believe the story is true, complete with sound clips, and websites that refute it. If you have anything new to add, please contact .

Hell in the center of the earth?

"The Truth About Hell"

Hell in center of earth - URBAN LEGEND?

Christian Urban Legends - Overview
One skeptic's view
The story comes out
The fake sound recording of hell?

Real or not, the Bible says hell exists. The audio serves as a horrifying illustration. Did you read about the athiest doctor who resucitated people who had seen hell? I have a story of my own: A friend at church here in New York told me about a minister she had heard speak in person. His sister had also been revived with a near death experience - screaming, inconsolable. Apparently she had visited hell and seen her father there, tortured. The minister did not want anymore "daddies to go to hell."
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