One of this site's missions is to provide free tutorials to anyone who has the passion to read the Bible as it was written. We believe it is important for all believers to get back to the original texts - and discover where translations fall short. To know the original text is also to avoid deception by cults who claim "the original says blah-blah-blah," and whose own translations contain sectarian bias. 

  • Even at an early stage, you may marvel at the capacity for Hebrew to express complex theological ideas. 
  • Or you may find the precision of Greek impressive as it divides its words into declensions and genders - and further. (Annoying at times but impressive). 
  • You may also be fascinated to discover where some words derive from - giving you a richer understanding of modern languages derived from the old. 

     The Hebrew lessons aims to reach someone like me - someone for whom language was the worst subject in school. I didn't feel too bad. My family was never great at it either. 

     And yet I set out, compelled to learn. My mother always taught me learning was fun. I didn't care for speaking (how many people speak ancient Greek?!) or write or listen - just to read - the Bible. 

     However, there are pronounciation guides, and sounding out words to yourself does aid learning. But you don't have to risk being heard by anyone else in these tutorials. I won't tell! 

     I'm writing this for me as much as it is for you - but don't worry, there is a Rabbi to help correct mistakes! 

     The Greek tutorials will not be extensive as the Hebrew - mainly because Greek is easier to learn in its greater closeness to English. It is here more to whet your appetite for more. They cover some basic concepts - but are no by means the end-all and be-all to this other very cool ancient language. 


     Basically you will need a computer screen that can see good old regular gifs. Much of the Hebrew section will be in gifs - especially the early sections such as the alphabet, vocabulary tips and flashcards.

We may also use a public domain (not copyrighted) Hebrew font, which you can download for FREE from: Crosswalk.com

Click HERE for keyboard help with those fonts.

Greek lessons 1-8 are in gifs. At present a Greek font is needed for the last few lessons. Eventually it will all be gifs and no font will be necessary. Make sure your browser is javascript-enabled to use the Hebrew flashcards and Hebrew Alphabet tutorial. Otherwise, you can use the thumbnails to learn the alphabet.