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Lesson Two - More Greek Letters

You've already about half the lower case letters in the Greek alphabet. This lesson will teach you 8 more. As in lesson one, use the key and write which english word in Greek letters corresponds to the picture. (Sound each word out.) Mixing old and new letters may help you learn faster. Check your answers with the answer page.


=long 'o'

Note: In Greek, the sound for "s" is written at the end of words, but everywhere else is is written

Note: There are two forms of "o" - as in 'frog' and as in "load".



Now here are four more letters. These are a bit more complicated so pay close attention.

='th' sound
='f' or 'ph' sound
=sounds like the German 'ach'
=sounds like 'ay' or 'ei' in the word "eight."



The remaining letters will be taught later after we learn a few Greek words which you also find in the Bible.


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