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elcome to the MessianicArt.com Articles section. Here, you will find articles to enlighten, edify and educate you to help you grow in your walk with Adonai! The articles section is divided into the following sub-categories: The Judaic Background Series, Profiles in Faith, Understanding Yahweh Series, and links to YashaNet's studies. Hopefully, this section will grow with many more articles, both of scholarly and devotional nature, to glorify the King of kings, and edify your faith in Him.


The Judaic Background Series
Judaic Background of the Virgin Birth
 - Part I: Pagan Parallels to the Virgin Birth?
 - Part II: The Judaic Background of the Virgin Birth

Judaic Background of the Teachings of Messiah
 - Image of an Emperor: Give unto Caesar . . .
 - The Finger in the Sand

Judaic Background of the Life of Messiah
 - The Hem of His Garment

Judaic Background of the Death of Messiah
Judaic Background of the Resurrection of Messiah
Judaic Background of the Divine Messiah
 - Introduction
 - The Angel of YHVH
 - The Memra
 - Malki-Tzaddik
 - Adam Kadmon
 - The Son of Man
 - The Trinity
 - Conclusion

Judaic Background of the Anti-Messiah
Judaic Background of Revelation
Judaic Background of the New Jerusalem

Understanding Yahweh Series
Understanding Yahweh
Understanding Yahweh: His Attributes
Understanding Yahweh: The Trinity
Understanding Yahweh: His Character
Understanding Yahweh: His Power
Understanding Yahweh: His Name
Understanding Yahweh: His Glory
Understanding Yahweh: Tikkun

Profiles in Faith
Rabbi Daniel Zion
Yechiel Lichtenstein (pdf)
Alfred Edersheim
Joseph Rabinowitz
David Baron
Joachim Heinrich Biesenthal
Rabbi Isaac Lichenstein
Dr. Paul Phillip Levertoff (pdf)
Benjamin Disraeli
Isaac Salkinson
Rabbi Leopold Cohn
Richard Wurmbrand

YashaNet Series
Book of Matthew Study
Book of Romans Study
Book of Revelation Study
Judaism 101
The Mo'edim
Millennium Kingdom Study
Not Subject to the Law of God?

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