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"According to his usual practice, Sha'ul went in; and on three Shabbats he gave them drashes from the Tanakh, explaining and proving that the Messiah had to suffer and rise again from the dead, and that "this Yeshua whom I am proclaiming to you is the Messiah."
Acts 17:2-4, Complete Jewish Bible



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     The "Anti-Missionaries" section reviews, examine and refutes the works of many well-known authorities in the "anti-missionary" field. We will also expose their tactics, and methodology they use to lead people away from the Messiah.

Dr. Michael L. Brown & Rabbi Dr. David Blumofe
Who is Yeshua (Jesus)?
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Dr. Michael L. Brown & Rabbi Dr. J. Immanuel Schochet:
Is Yeshua (Jesus) The Jewish Messiah?

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Dr. Michael L. Brown & Rabbi Tovia Singer,
Moderated by Sid Roth: Who Is Yeshua (Jesus)?

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The Secret of the Scarlet Thread
B.R. Burton

An extensive refutation of Rabbi Tovia Singer's article on the miraculous sign of the scarlet thread turning white, which stopped occurring completely 40 years before the destruction of the Temple, in 70 AD - coinciding with the death of Yeshua the Messiah.

Unequal Weights and Measures
Dr. Michael Brown

"[The anti-missionary practice] of using one canon of criticism when treating the New Testament, while using an entirely different canon of criticism when treating the Tanakh and the Talmud, smacks of the practice of false weights and measures. It is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, and it can only bring disgrace to the anti-missionaries.
. ." [read more]

Calculated Contempt
J.P. Holding

Whenever you run across any person who criticizes the Bible, claims findings of contradiction or error -- they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. They have to earn it from you. Here's why. ." [read more]
Raise Your Hand and Don't Interrupt 
J.P. Holding

On an "Anti-Missionary" Site on the Teachings of Jesus
Still in Bed with the Wrong Crowd 
J.P. holding

An "Anti-Missionary" Site on Alleged NT Inaccuracies
Missionary Q&A
J.P. Holding
We will now close our series on this anti-missionary site with a look at a very few points offered on missionary practice.


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