Kind to Enemies

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Billy here is really the representation of Billy K in California. He made
a big mistake in life by becoming a friend of Sarah's. Fortunately,
he later found Yeshua (Jesus) and here is his testimony:

I went to church from the time I was a child, We became involved in an adopt
a grandparent program where you adopt an older person in a convalescent
hospital. Our Grandma had broken her left hip and was in a lot of pain. I
went to see her every week, riding my one speed bike up hill for 3 1/2 miles
to get there. But I could not understand her pain. When I prayed that G-d
would help me understand her pain, 2 things happened:

1. He helped me understand her physical pain -- I was in a car wreck
that was not His fault, but he used it to bring glory to Himself -- I broke
the same hip she had broken, along with several other bones. But, Glory to
the Father I lived!!! Hallelujah

2. It took 4 years, but He helped me understand how she could stand the
pain, because He put His spirit to work on me so that I would receive Yeshua
as Messiah. This came about as a result of many people who He used to get
me out of myself and realizing that I needed Him. Finally, He showed me how to
understand Mrs. Everhart's pain by receiving His son. She died while I was
in the hospital, but I will never forget her.

3. After this four year period, I was involved in a Baptist church, and
was trying to keep from the conviction of needing Messiah. I avoided
people, even turned the other way, but He put a persistent Bible teacher in my path
who would not take NO for an answer. She and her husband prayed for me
until I finally buckled down and on May 29, 1976 received Messiah in to my heart.
I confessed that I was a sinner needing His grace and asked The Father to
forgive me and cleanse me.

billy k in CA (Rom828)