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[God] filled them with wisdom of heart, to work all manner of work, of the engraver, and of the cunning workman, and of the embroiderer . . .
Shemot 35:35

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  How I met Y’shua Mashiach

     In 1974, I was lost and living in New Orleans, La. A mother of two children, divorced twice by then and working for Al Hirt Club. Life was getting pretty low and I lost my job, had no friends, just leaches. I was tired of living, wondering, "what am I here for?

     A friend had just received Y'shua, and being born again she was talking differently, so I listened and thought she was mad. I never heard there was a Mashiach who died and lived and loved and wanted me to know his Father, YHVH.

     I remember I was going to a concert and had a vision, because of it I went to church that Sunday. The rest is history. I was now a member of the royal family, Y’shua Mashiach’s rule. Now, I am as one born in the nation because I did hold on to life, (Torah) and I didn't change anything, I just obeyed and studied. When I found out how the Sabbath was changed, I turned and kept it, and also the Name - (how could I continue using by name by which he was never called?) - I have come a long way as a called back Jew, and I still observe Torah, but now with a newer understanding.

     Now, thirty years and my Jewish roots are still the foundation for my life. Torah has been the reason for my growth in Mashiach, L’Chaim.

     Life has surely been good to me as I see and understand the walk to the city of the king, yet it is a lonely walk as Christianity has make the way a bit harder with the pagan ways that it has held on to.

     My desire is to go to Israel, live until Mashiach comes, do good to all, especially the brethren. And to be able to paint the City and learn, study and wait for Mashiach.

     I study daily and paint what I see to be Israel, a chosen people able to guide others to The Way, Y’shua Mashiach.

     My art is just the blessing of age and wine and listening for all the signs.

- Hannah (Batayah) the artist of Avraham

Hannah Batayah

Website: Art by Batayah

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Men at Prayer



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