- You can also get it on sale from

- More on the dangers of Evolution Theory. You can alo get it from

- This is the book said to have started the revival of belief in Biblical Creation versus evolution. You can also get it at

- More Genesis focused. You can also get it at
- contains more creation literature.


I purposely listed sources here from both those who believe in God, and those who don't believe in God. Faith or lack of faith in God may affect perceptions/bias in interpreting scientific data within the two paradigms (creation, evolution). The pictures link to their reviews, descriptions and prices.

Evolution: Fact or Belief is an excellent non-religious documentary video of scientist interviews from around the world, backed up with some experimental data and simple explanations regarding the assumptions we make. Don't confuse it with Evolution: Fact or Fiction - another video that records a lecture by a creationist scientist.

Michael Denton's A Theory in Crisis is more easily read with at least AP or A-Level biology. He can get very technical and you might miss some detailed points unless you posses some token knowledge of the field - points that will blow you away.

Most of the resources here I've either read from cover to cover. The two Genesis books bottom left I have never read, but for quotations, etc. If I had to name a founder for the revival of interest in scientific creation, it would be one of the authors of these books: Henry Morris.


Evolution: Fact or Belief?
Non-religious science video that demonstrates some of the flaws in Evolution Theory.

Evolution: A theory in Crisis
- Written by a non-creationist molecular biologist who challenges Evolution Theory puritans.

The Facts of Life:Shattering the Myth of Darwinism
- Now out of print ( tries to find it for you anyway), written by an agnostic, this book gets 2 reviews - one praises, one curses. Having read it a few years ago, it's a good overview. That the author was met with hostility rather than science is interesting when considering the faith aspect of Evolution adherents.

Other Resources
Some books I've read that were good but harder to find:

It's a Young World Afterall
- By Paul D. Ackerman. It lists many different ways that date the earth as young, both scientific and historical.
The Darwin Conspiracy
- Traces the historical rise of Darwinism
Stones & Bones
- Slim volumn overview of theological, historical and scientific information relating to evolution and creation.
Creation's Tiny Mystery (Robert Gentry)
- Gentry set out to find specific scientific evidences for creation alone. He chronicals the science of special "halos" produced in rocks (allegedy they can only be there if the rocks were created instantly) and the reaction of evolutionists.

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