At present, I am teaching HTML at church to a group of adults, for the very first time ever. As I go I am writing easy-to-understand lessons using Microsoft Word documents, complete with pictures of what to click on, how things should look, etc. If you want to follow along, download each lesson, and print it out if you find it easier to read that way. Follow the directions exactly, keeping all your work in a single folder while you do the course.

At the end of each section is a small quiz. Come back online to check your answers. Things may be added later.

Part 1 - Beginning stuff
Part 2 - Text commands
Part 3 - Links
Part 4 - Tables
Part 5 - Images
Part 6 - Forms
Part 7 - Lists
Part 8 - Frames
Part 9 - Image Maps, Meta Tags, Explorer-only Commands
Part 10 - HTML 4.0: Style Sheets
Part 11 - HTML 4.0: Style Sheets II
Part 12 - HTML 4.0: Span & Frames
Part 13 - HTML 4.0: Tables
Part 14 - HTML 4.0: other commands

To save, right click on the chosen lesson link and choose the save as option. Then you can specify where you are saving it to in your computer directory.

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Where to begin? The best way to get ideas is to look at other website designs. I've gathered a variety that fall between personal and business sites to set you off:
  • IBM website
  • Living Christianity
  • USPS - United States Postal Office
  • Debbie's CWOW homepage